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How To Pray With Salt And Water In The Bible

“You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world”.

Just this verse from the Bible demonstrates the effectiveness of salt. Salt has a crucial role in our daily lives, just as the Bible says. We cannot make jokes about salt. You only need to gather a little salt and some water in a jar whenever you need God’s assistance.

How To Pray With Salt And Water In The Bible

Once you have these two items, start praying while holding the salt in your hands.

Through that salt, pray to God and express yourself anyway you wish. Speak to the salt, tell God all that is around you, tell God about your struggles in life, and ask God to treat you favorably with the salt.

After offering the salt to God with all your thoughts, add the salt to the water you had set aside and swirl the mixture.

Sprinkle some water on yourself after gazing at it to begin seeing God’s abilities at work in your life.

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Advantages Of This Water

For open doors, sprinkle this water around your place of business.

This water should be consumed by those who have various infections. Every infection is cured by it. The divine water is capable of anything.

Sprinkle it on yourself whenever you need a favor to attract one.

Sprinkle the salt around your home before going to bed at night to ward off witches.

Those who are infertile should sip a little of this water and speak some encouraging words from the Bible. You will be amazed at God’s power.

To ensure a safe journey, sprinkle this water while traveling.

Please take note that the salt and water you prayed over are no longer regular salt and water. The divine abilities of God are now present in it.

Make effective use of this water for the Lord’s honour.

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