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Ijeoma Nnebe – Biography, Age, Boyfriend Husband, Net Worth and Career


All About Ijeoma Nnebe ife Story, Career, Occupation, and Family Background

Ijeoma Nnebe, who is She?

Ijeoma Nnebe, the second child of Uche Nancy, is an entrepreneur, model, and the CEO of Omahs World and Omahs Scents. She was born in Nigeria.

Ijeoma Nnebe - Biography,  Age, Boyfriend  Husband, Net Worth and Career
Ijeoma Nnebe

Profile Summary

NameIjeoma Nnebe
Nicknamepretty Omah
Date of birth July 20, 1994
Age27 Years old
Place of Birth Anambra State
Parent Uche Nancy ( Mother )
Nationality Nigerian
Relationship Status Undisclosed
Occupation Actress and Entrepreneur
Net Worth $180,000


Ijeoma Nnebe, commonly known as Preetyomah, is a Nigerian entrepreneur who was born on July 20, 1994 and she is 28 years old. Ijeoma Nnebe hails from Ufuma, Anambra State, Nigeria. The founder and CEO of the unisex clothing firm @omahs.world and Omahs Scents is Ijeoma Nnebe.

Ijeoma Nnebe - Biography,  Age, Boyfriend  Husband, Net Worth and Career

The young, attractive businessman is from Anambra State. She grew up in Lagos for the most of her years, but she now lives in Asaba, Delta State, with her family. Ijeoma Nnebe is the child of Uche Nancy, a well-known film producer and makeup artist in Nollywood. Ijeoma Nnebe studied mass communication at Madonna University in Okija and graduated.

Nnebe Ijeoma started her company @omahs.world in 2017 and has since developed into a name that Nigerians trust. Ijeoma recognizes her enthusiasm for her business as a basis for her success at this young age and attributes it to the influence of her mother’s inspiration and motivation.

She has contacts with various celebrities thanks to her mother’s involvement in Nollywood. Pretty Omah has always had immaculate taste in clothing, and this served as inspiration for starting a clothing line so that people could look nice in the finest attire.

Ijeoma Nnebe - Biography,  Age, Boyfriend  Husband, Net Worth and Career

One of the most promising young entrepreneurs to come out of Nigeria is Ijeoma Nnebe.

Family – Parents ( Mother and Father ) and siblings

Nnebe Ijeoma siblings, parents, father, and mother: Pretty Omah is the second daughter of Uche Nancy and comes from a family of four children.

Mother: Nigerian Nollywood filmmaker and costumier Uche Nancy is the mother of Ijeoma Nnebe.


Sonia Uche, Chinanu Nnebe, and Chinenye Nnebe are the names of the sisters Ijeoma Nnebe.


Ijeoma Nnebe graduated from Madonna University in Okija Anambra with a degree in mass communication.

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Net Worth

Ijeoma Nnebe has a net worth of roughly $180,000 USD.

Relationship – Boyfriend/Husband

Ijeoma Nnebe Married: Ijeoma Nnebe has never been wed.

Ijeoma Nnebe is in a committed relationship.

Ijeoma Nnebe has not yet found a spouse.

Ijeoma Nnebe doesn’t post information about her relationships on social media.


Preetyomah is the username of Ijeoma Nnebe on Instagram.


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