Stop Saying “Installmentally” It’s Wrong, See The Correct Word To Use

The truth is that there is no word called “Installmentally” in the English lexicon, despite the fact that many Nigerians like using it in their everyday conversations. Except for the Nigerian English dictionary, that is.

Stop Saying "Installmentally" It's Wrong, See The Correct Word To Use- 10 Common English Mistakes And Thier Corrections

Even if it sounds right, the word “instalmentally” doesn’t exist. So, in order to avoid looking foolish in front of others for using a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, use this instead.

You should use “In Instalments” rather than “Instalmentally.”

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For instance

“Please, I will pay you back Installmentally” – WRONG

“Please, I will pay you back in installments” – CORRECT

Below Are Ten (10) Common English Mistakes and Thier Corrections ;

  1. I entered a bus today on my way to school – Wrong

I boarded a bus today on my way to school – Correct

  1. Nkechi is a very cunny girl – Wrong

Nkechi is a very cunning girl – Correct

  1. I’ve been here since there months now – Wrong

I’ve been here for three months now – Correct

  1. Don’t worry I promise to come to visit you next week – Wrong

Don’t worry I promise I’ll come visit you next week – Correct

  1. If I will be in London, I’ll contact you – Wrong

If I am in London, I’ll contact you – Correct

  1. My father does engineering – Wrong

My father is an engineer – Correct

  1. Do you want a glass of wine? – Wrong

Would you like a glass of wine – Correct

  1. Bimbo has grown well – Wrong

Bimbo has aged well – Correct

  1. It is more hot than it was two minutes ago – Wrong

It is more hotter than it was two minutes ago – Correct

  1. Tunde, the police is coming – Wrong

Tunde, the police are coming – Correct

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