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Is Victoria Orenze Married? Read to find out!


Victoria Orenze (born on 23 March) is a spirit-filled vibrant, gifted gospel artist and songwriter known for her chants in the spirit. Not only that, but she’s also a creative singer that deals majorly with gospel music.

She music ministry became popular after videos of her songs went viral and also after some collaborations with fellow gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey with a song, Alagbada Ina and others.

Victoria Orenze is known to be a very private person; she keeps her personal life and relationship away from social media. As such, we cannot provide information regarding her early life and personal development.

Is Victoria Orenze Married?

Back to our topic of discussion. Alot of fans have been wondering or eager to know the love life of minister Victoria. Luckily, Victoria Orenze has finally given some revelation about her family and private life. This comes after she revealed in a recent video shared on her YouTube and Instagram pages that she has been married before, about 14 years before now. Here’s what she had to say;

“Hi, my name is Victoria Orenze and I want to talk to you about marriage. Just before you scroll past and say what does she know about marriage or it’s only married people that can talk about marriage, you know seeing that they are in it so they know what the problem is, anyways I have been married before some 14 years ago now, so I think I have my experience about that”, she stated in the introductory part of the video shared on YouTube.

In the video, Victoria talked about God’s perfected idea for both intending and already married couples. She addressed that both the husband and wife should be submissive to one another in order to have a successful marriage.

Victoria Orenze Marriage Experience

There is a tendency to demonise the institution of marriage after having a bad experience in it. Our experiences naturally tends to redefine how we perceive things and what we go through in life has a way of making us redefine God wrongly and it should never be so. God is God, everything He does is perfect. We are the ones with the shortcomings and He is the one that can fix us, if we agree to listen to Him and do things His way.

My not good experience in marriage has not changed God’s beautiful idea of marriage. If and when God gives me the opportunity again, I will do it again. I pray we humble ourselves and seek the ways of the Lord in every matter.As a very private person ,talking about this is something I would not have done. Because I believe the bulk of our lives is not and should not be lived on social media.

But as I have been directed by the Holyspirit to share this-I know from experience of my walk with him that there is a purpose and this will help a lot of people. And when it comes to the Holy Spirit My reservations always give way.

PS: I know that sensationalism and speculation is rampant in today’s world. Which is why I Was led to share this clearly and succinctly in my own words.” She wrote on her Instagram page.

Before concluding the video, she revealed that if the Lord wanted her to get married again, she definitely will because marriage to her is a beautiful thing. “And for me if the Lord wants me to marry again; if and when, I am open to it because marriage is beautiful, thank you and God bless you”, she concluded.

Watch the complete video of her below:

Who is Victoria Orenze Husband?

Like we said above, Victoria is a secret person, she hasn’t revealed to us who her ex was or who she’s currently in a relationship with. As soon as we get vital information, well let you know.


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