Home Biography Johnny Drille’s biography, age, and net worth are available here.

Johnny Drille’s biography, age, and net worth are available here.


Johnny Drille: who is he?

Nigerian musician and composer Johnny Drille was born on July 5, 1990. We’ll be writing about the life of Johnny Drille, a talented male musician and songwriter from Nigeria.

Johnny Drille's biography, age, and net worth are available here.

He has achieved icon status in the Nigerian music industry as a result of his distinctive musical taste. After performing a version of Di’ja’s “Aww,” he attracted attention to himself.

He is one of the Nigerian musicians who defies trends because his folk and alt-rock tracks are well-known. We’ll be writing about Johnny Drille’s life story, including his age, musical influences, career, place of origin, net worth, and other details. Check out his profile first.

Profile summary

Name John Ighodaro
Age31 years
Date of Birth 5 July 1990
Occupation Singer and songwriter
State of origin Edo State
Net worth $200,000
marital status single
Label Mavin Records

Biography of Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille, who is currently 29 years old, was given the name John Ighodaro on July 5, 1990 in Edo State, Nigeria. Johnny Drille, a devout Christian, was raised in a household of seven Christians, which included his parents, a preacher, and a school administrator. He began singing around his siblings and in his father’s church, demonstrating an obvious knack for music. What did they think of Johnny Drille back then—a noisemaker?

Personal Life of Johnny Drille

Deep connections with the soul can be made through the music of Johnny Drille. And Johnny Drille is an introvert, which explains why. Early this year, he announced this on his social media.

Furthermore, he is an introvert if you consider how he conducted his debut performance, Johnny’s Room Live. Since simplicity and intimacy are what introverts prefer, his first concert fit that description. They don’t particularly enjoy crowds.

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We don’t know much about the singer’s romantic life other than the fact that he is unmarried and that his song “Finding Efe” indicates that he is looking. In his free time, he does song covers that he shares with his fans. The best Grace is by M. Smith.

Johnny Drille's biography, age, and net worth are available here.

Music Career of Johnny Drille

In 2012, Johnny Drille graduated from the University of Benin with a Bachelor of Science degree in English and literature. His father’s congregation served as the foundation for his early musical endeavors.

He decided to concentrate on music production in 2006 and used cassette recorders to teach himself the necessary skill set. He has experienced his fair share of failures, so it was not an easy ascent.

Johnny competed in the sixth round of the 2013 MTN Project Fame, where he finished tenth and was eliminated. Despite having a very small audience, he continued to record and release music after being eliminated from Project Fame.

Johnny Drille's biography, age, and net worth are available here.

After recording a cover of “Awww” by Di’ja, Drille’s narrative shifted. His “Awww” cover gave him a sizable fan base and, like a magnet, caught Don Jazzy, the head of Mavinattention.

In June 2013, he released and promoted the single “Love Do not Lie” using the same drive. “wait for me,” a song by Johnn Drille that was published on August 12th, 2015, attained astronomical success.

Regarding his decision to pursue folk music, Driller acknowledges that he did not begin with it because he had experimented with a variety of musical genres, such as highlife, hip-hop, and even afro-pop.

Still, they weren’t successful until he discovered Mumford & Sons, an American rock band with “I will wait” singers, and realized how to stand out from the crowd.

Johnny Drille's biography, age, and net worth are available here.

Mavin Records announced on February 28, 2017, that Johnny Drille has signed a contract using the moniker. He then made a guest appearance on Project Fame to share his knowledge with the season 6 challengers. He urged the competitors to make the most of the MTN Project Fame stage in order to showcase their abilities.

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The song “Shine,” which is an upbeat song with the lyrics “after the storm, the sun will shine,” is Johnny Drille’s most well-known composition.

Johnny Drille’s earnings And Net Worth

Other musicians including Mumford & Sons, Owl City, Phillip Phillips, Passenger, Jon Bellion, Laura Mvula, and Cobhams Asuquo have influenced his music. He named Jon Bellion as his favorite author.

Johnny Drille's biography, age, and net worth are available here.

During the 2015 South-South Music Awards (SSMA), he was named the best producer. Additionally, he received nominations at the Headies for Best Alternative Song in 2016 for “Wait For Me” and Best R&B Singer in 2018 for “Romeo and Juliet.”

As a musician and music producer, Johnny Drille makes money; his estimated net worth is $200,000.


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