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Kudiwave review: How Kudiwave Solves It Best With Dollar Cards

In Nigeria, we know how difficult it is to shop with our money  overseas. But we, at Kudiwave, have the solution you need to solve this problem. Virtual dollar cards.  

Rather than let the problem persist, we decided that enough is  enough. It isn’t fair that we get left behind when it comes to  international spending, when other countries can spend  whatever they like, from the comfort of their homes, with free  banking, free transfers, and no fees on utility bills. 


Say hello to a large spending limit of up to $40000 per month.  Say goodbye to restrictive daily spends. Just because the retail 

banks are unloading their issues onto their customers, doesn’t  mean it has to stay that way.  

The Problem in Nigeria 

As most of us know, in 2009, Governor Sanusi Lamido,  introduced what has been called ‘Hurricane Sanusi’. An act that  bailed out 5 banks, removed their chief executives, and  introduced a restriction of 10 years for a bank boss to remain in  their position.  

For the banks that weren’t hit, the public perception of them,  was that they were a safe haven for retail customers to bank  with. Customers used their debit cards freely, with fair  exchange rates, when shopping abroad.  

However, the same cannot be said today. Due to complicated  import restrictions, dealing in foreign currency has become  expensive for banks. This means debit card restrictions with  daily spend limits. Some as low as $20 a day. 

We solved this issue by introducing modern banking. By simply  creating a free dollar card, that isn’t restricted by local currency  restrictions, you can bank freely, spend freely, at no cost. But  what else do you get? 


The Perks of Kudiwave 

Creating a Kudiwave account will give you access to all the  perks and benefits listed below. Here’s what they are: 

Free Transactions 

There are no fees for transactions. The only money that leaves  your account, is what you’re paying for. No hidden fees, just  money saved on your side. 

This will always be true, and we don’t plan to change. Stay safe  in knowing that what you get at the start, is what you’ll always  have, even years later down the line.  

No Fees on Bank Transfers 

Moving money around shouldn’t be expensive. With Kudiwave,  the money you move, remains the money you have. With this,  you can ease up on making sure the right card is partnered with  the right expense, reducing the stress of your life, and saving  you a few Naira here and there. 

2% Bonus Airtime Purchases 

Not only can you purchase more airtime for your mobile device,  we’ll give you 2% of the purchase back to you for doing it with  Kudiwave. There’s no reason not to do it with us any more. 

Fees with your mobile carrier still apply, but you won’t have to  worry about things on our end. We’ll not only not charge you for  it, we’ll give you a little bit back just for doing it through us.  

No Commission on Utility Payments 

It’s frustrating having to pay more for simply fulfilling your  obligation to pay your bills. With us, that frustration is gone. No  commission is taken from us to pay your utility payments,  leaving you with one less thing to worry about.  

Banking should be easy, and paying bills should be easier. We  don’t see a reason to punish you for making sure the lights are  turned on. To us, it’s just a simple transaction you can make  safely, without loss of earnings.  

No Purchase Limits

Currently, the purchase limit on dollar transactions in Nigeria, is  $20. With Kudiwave, there are no such restrictions, allowing  you to purchase high-value products and items, with no worry  of going over your daily spending limit.  

The restrictions placed upon you are the cause of the banks,  and nothing about it is your fault. Don’t stay locked into a  mistake not made by you.  

Virtual Dollar Cards 

To make all of the above work even better, we offer users  virtual dollar cards. These dollar cards don’t suffer from any  regional restriction, and operate entirely as they should. As a  simple, fully online, dollar card.  

The only limit these dollar cards have, is that there’s a  purchase limit of $40,000 a month. 

Alongside this, our dollar cards are 3DS enabled, meaning  they’ll be accepted on virtually any website that accepts dollars  as a currency. You won’t ever be left disappointed when you  get to the checkout, and realize you can’t purchase the goods  you’ve spent time on picking.  

If you’re shopping outside of the US, most shopping sites offer  a straight conversion from dollars to their local currency, so you  won’t have to worry about if you can shop there.  

What Do You Need to Get Started? 

Opening an account with Kudiwave isn’t as difficult as you think  it is. Outside of entering your details, you will need to provide  your BVN, so we can verify your identity, and assign you your  account.  

As security is at the start of our policies, this is a necessity for  signing up for an account that can hold money. Misuse of details can lead to penalties, for us and for you. So, it is in our  best interest to make sure that you are safe, and your account  remains entirely yours, without distress. 

As for signing up, simply entering your details, BVN included,  submitting and then waiting for us to verify you, is all it takes to  get started with your Kudiwave account


At Kudiwave, all we want is to give spending power back to  Nigeria. The fault of our banks should not be pushed onto us,  and we deem it severely unfair.  

That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops to making it as easy  as possible for residents of Nigeria, to spend their money as  they please, abroad, and from the comfort of their homes.  Packed with perks, bonuses, and much more, you’ll wonder 

why you stayed loyal to your bank for so long, when they  haven’t stayed loyal to you.  

To get started with Kudiwave, simply install our app and sign  up. Follow these links to get started immediately, and take the  next step in financial freedom.

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