Machala meaning in Nigeria: What is the meaning of Machala?

Machala meaning: What does machala mean?

Machala means “Lion” “King” “Man or Man of the people.”

The meaning/origin of the word ‘Machala’ itself however appears to be a thing of legend as there isn’t one single answer.


An internet search suggest varying answers from the cliche hyper-religious connotation to claim that is a Greek word meaning ‘demon,’ to alternate claims that it means ‘King’ and for some ‘Back and forth’ denoting Wizkid’s instrumental role in bringing Nigerian music to the global spotlight.

In Nigeria, the word ‘Machala’ is associated more with famous music icon, Wizkid and various sources reveal that Machala means ‘Lion,’ ‘Eleniyan’ which translates to ‘man of the people’ in Yoruba and is a term associated with Wizkid, to ‘strong man’ and finally ‘Fresh man’ which is said to be a Warri slang.

One thing for sure, while we may never really know except Wizkid himself chooses to demystify the name, all versions of the meaning ‘Machala’ denote greatness.

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