Home News Man beats his 75-year-old father to death with stick in Adamawa

Man beats his 75-year-old father to death with stick in Adamawa


Adamawa State Police Command has arrested a 31-year-old man by name Nicodemus Ignatius, for beating up his 75-year father to death.

Nicodemus was reported to have killed his father at Unguwan Bistel in Song town, Song Local Government Area, on March 3, 2022, after his return from a drinking joint.

According to Punch, the suspect had in time past, November last year, threatened to kill the father. As a result, he was arrested over the threat. But the deceased, due to love for his son, went to the police station and secured his release.  

“Nicodemus had returned home from the joint where he usually drinks at about 8:00 pm on that fateful day and met his late father and mother in the room and decided to lock both of them up,” a neighbour told Punch. 

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“But the 75-year-old Ignatius, sensing danger and afraid of the possibility of his son setting the house on fire, jumped out through the window to escape. He was unaware that his son had since armed himself with a stick.

“The suspect, who was wielding the stick, pounced on his father and hit him with the stick, breaking his head and resulting in his untimely death.”

The suspect reported to the police after the crime andconfessed to killing the father under the influence of marijuana. 

“I smoked Indian hemp on that fateful day and bitterly regret my action.” he said. 

Spokesman of the command, DSP Suleiman Nguroje, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect would soon be charged to court upon completion of the investigation.

The PPRO cautioned the general public to desist from taking laws into their own hands.


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