Home Biography Meet Jacqie Rivera, a daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Meet Jacqie Rivera, a daughter of Jenni Rivera.


One of the daughters of the late, well-known Latin American singer Jenni Rivera, who perished in an aircraft crash in December 2012, is Jacqie Melina Marin Rivera, now known as Jacqie Campos.

Meet Jacqie Rivera, a daughter of Jenni Rivera.

In addition to being the daughter of a well-known superstar, Jacqie Rivera has made a name for herself as a rising singer by releasing over 7 singles, making her a significant force in the music industry.

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Profile Summary

Name Jacqie Rivera
Date of birth November 20, 1989
Age32 years old
place of birth Long Beach, California, United States
Marital status Married
Boyfriend N/A
Husband Mike Campos
Children Jenavieve Campos, Jordan Campos, and Julian Campos,
Net Worth N/A

Individual Life

Meet Jacqie Rivera, a daughter of Jenni Rivera.

On November 20, 1989, in Long Beach, California, the United States, Jacqie Rivera was born. Her father, Jose Trinidad Marin, sexually assaulted her and her older sister when they were still little, leaving her with a very difficult life.


Chiquis, Jacquie, and Michael Rivera were the couple’s three children; they were united in marriage in 1984. Due to Jose’s misuse of the couple’s emotions, they later divorced in 1992.

As a result of their mother’s second marriage to Juan Lopez, Jenicka and Juan Angel, Jacqie also has two younger siblings.

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Along with abusing the kids, Jose also treated his wife Jenni Rivera poorly and sexually assaulted his sister-in-law Rosie when she was a young girl. But as a result of his crimes, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, which he has been doing since 2007.

Jacqie Rivera, putting aside the mental damage she endured as a child, forgave her when she and her father reconnected in 2017. She requested other people, mainly her aunt, to be understanding by posting his meet-up images with Jose online.

Union with Mike Campos

Meet Jacqie Rivera, a daughter of Jenni Rivera.

In 2012, Jacqie Rivera married Mike Campos, becoming Jacqie Campos. However, the pair filed for divorce in 2017, despite rumors that they are reconciling when Jacquie posted a photo of her family together.

Three wonderful children, Jenavieve Campos, Jordan Campos, and Julian Campos, were born as a result of the marriage. Jacquie has a daughter, Jaylah Yanez, from a previous relationship with Danny Yanez before she married Mike.

The Career of Jacqie Rivera

Jacqie appeared on “The Riveras,” a family-based reality TV program that highlighted Jenni Rivera’s children pursuing their aspirations and upholding their mother’s heritage, much like every other Rivera family member. However, the show was canceled on September 24, 2020.

She appeared on “I Love Jenni,” a Family-based reality TV series that ran from 2011 to 2013, as well as “Chiquis ‘N’ Control,” in 2012, before starring on The Rivera’s.

In addition to being a reality TV star, Jacqie Rivera followed in the footsteps of her mother by breaking into the music industry and establishing herself as one of the well-known figures in the field.


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