Mike Rua Biography, Family, Music Career And Net worth

Mike Rua Biography

Mike Rua is a master of Kikuyu Mugithi who has brought joy to many Kenyans. Mike Rua was raised in Mang’u Kiambu county where he was born. Rua decided to pursue his skill as a musician after realising it at a young age. When Mike was 13 years old and still in primary school, he first learnt how to play the guitar.

Mike Rua Biography, Family, Music Career And Net worth

People who played the guitar skillfully and consistently practised were something that Rua always admired in his religion. In an interview, Mike Rua talked about how fortunate he was that the church’s instruments were kept at his house while the building work was still being done on it. So, anytime he had free time, he had plenty of time to practice and play the guitar.

However, his parents would forbid him from playing so he could focus on his education. He admitted to stealing the Catholic guitar and his grandmother’s show before fleeing to stay with a relative in Githurai in an interview with Ala C. However, once the first guitar was broken, he purchased a new one for the church. However, he intends to fix it and formally request the church’s pardon.

Mike Rua Biography, Family, Music Career And Net worth

Mike Rua Musical Career.

Rua enrolled in Gakindu secondary school after finishing primary school, but he later dropped out. He and a classmate performed for the late president Daniel Moi in first grade, but the businessman did not notice him. The church was eventually finished, thus the church guitar and other instruments were no longer housed at his home. But his mother, who belonged to mother’s union, continued to keep the keys at his house.

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Rua made the decision to take the keys, steal the church guitar, and flee. When Mike Rua visited Githurai, Nairobi, he had a meeting with the late Queen Jane. The most talented Kikuyu benga woman artist at the time was Queen Jane.
Rua joined her band after she learned of his talent and hired him to play base guitar.

Mike Rua Biography, Family, Music Career And Net worth

Each show brought in between 200 and 500 ksh for him. He performed in that band with Mike Murimi and the late Salim Junior. However, the musician has taught a lot of up-and-coming musicians, such as Jose Gatutura, Tony Young, and Shalkidoh.

Mike Rua played in London and the United States in 2002; upon his return, he was well-known. Later, he disbanded Queen Jane’s band to focus on his career. Rua is renowned for his one-man guitar skills and is one among those who helped to establish mugith music.

Mike Rua Biography, Family, Music Career And Net worth

Mike Rua songs

Mike is well known for creating music with explicit lyrics that his followers adore. A few of his tracks are:

  1. Kamûrukî karia (that smell)
  2. Nî Kîarie
  3. Irima

Among many others.

Mike Rua Wife And Family.

Mike Rua is a married father of three kids. Rua has made every effort to keep his personal life off of social media. Additionally, he stated that his father is okay with the music he sings.

Mike Rua Net worth

The performer has made and continues to make a solid living by performing mugithi. He frequently has too many engagements and plays exclusive clubs and hotels. Additionally, he appears in TV shows, movies, and corporate events.

Rua receives between 80,000 and 120,000 ksh for each show. That equals to 500k ksh per month. Rua also has a bungalow in a wealthy neighbourhood and a high-end automobile. His estimated net worth is 35 million ksh.

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