Musa Danjuma Net Worth, Age, Wife, Personal Life

Musa Danjuma, the younger brother of former Minister of Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma, is one of such deliciously slippery characters. Due to his private lifestyle, Musa Danjuma, always furnishes the public with mystery tales, with some of these narratives painting him out to be a strong businessman with a quiet personality.

Perhaps, if Danjuma had not married the lovely Caroline Ekanem, a popular actress and public figure, he would have remained the little above-average businessman in the public’s eye. But Danjuma did marry Caroline and was divorced from her, bringing him even deeper into the limelight.

Musa Danjuma

As a result, the Danjuma of today is not only the Executive Chairman of Nigeria America Line Limited and Cornet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited, but a Non-Executive Director of Berger Paints Nigeria Plc. He is also a strange character, clearly an excitable person in private, but a very reserved individual in public.

Musa Danjuma’s net-worth

Musa Danjuma has a $10 million (or around 4 billion) net worth. He primarily derives his money from his work as a lawyer and a variety of ventures in the oil, shipping, trade, real estate, and electrical instrumentation industries. 


Musa has excellent managerial abilities and has worked for a number of businesses in addition to participating in the Comet Groups’ strategic planning, which was started by his older brother, General TY Danjuma. He increased his wealth by working for businesses and holding director positions with the following:

  • Songhai Petroleum Co. Limited
  • Albeco International Limited, Lagos
  • Inter-Contractors Nigeria Limited

Personal Life

Caroline Ekanem: Who is she?

Musa Danjuma wife

She was Musa Danjuma’s ex-wife, a billionaire from Nigeria. After their marriage, she changed her name to Caroline Danjuma. After ten years of marriage, Caroline and Musa Danjuma separated. The couple had three children together when they were married in 2004.

Once again, it was after he married Caroline, that many people came to know that his past was littered with marriages, one that had ended because of the death of the wife (his first wife), and others that had failed miserably for one reason or another.

Danjuma’s marriage to Caroline was certainly high-profile when it started. With the actress’ personality and a strong sense of social media, their separation obviously opened even deeper wounds in their hearts than normal. Nevertheless, both Danjuma and Caroline seem to have gone past this situation. And with things properly settled between them, Caroline has gone back to being a flower girl of society, whereas Danjuma has returned to the serenity of his private life.

(Image | Instagram)

Nevertheless, perhaps another marriage will show Danjuma to the public once again. Only then would it be possible to let light into his very private lifestyle.

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First wife

Dr. Nkiru Nzegwu-Musa, who was Musa’s first wife, passed away at age 57 after suffering kidney disease. She was a poet, an author, and a lawyer.

Musa Danjuma children

Musa Danjuma children

Saratu, Asibi, Jenifer, and Jessica were the four children of Dr. Nkiru and Musa Danjuma.


Musa’s father, Kuru Dajuma, was a farmer and dealer who dealt in goods including salt, beniseed, and soybeans. He would travel to many states, including as Benue, but Makurdi soon became his main location for higher-priced sales.

Musa Danjuma was younger and still in school at the time, thus he was not heavily involved in the business. He would, however, supervise the stock, count, and guarantee that they were finished. He would also assist in making sure that the right accounting was done.


Musa Danjuma father

Musa, TY Danjuma’s brother, has been labeled a serial polygamist and divorcee. He is alleged to have had affairs with numerous women and has a history of being married five times. According to rumors, his divorces were caused by adultery.

He stated in an interview that women are his weakness and that he is skilled at spoiling them. He also talked openly about getting along well with all the wives he had. Here are some facts about several of his spouses, regardless of the situation.

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