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NKT meaning: What does NKT mean in texting?

NKT means - Never Knew That

Ever wondered what NKT means in texting? We’ll talk about NKT meaning is in texting and other meaning of NKT you should know.

NKT meaning: What does NKT mean in texting

NKT in texting means ‘Never Knew That’s. Another major meaning of NKT is “Expression of annoyance”

NKT meaning

Other meaning of NKT

Find out other meaning and usage of the word NKT below.

Acronym	Definition

NKT	New Kadampa Tradition
NKT	Neurokinetic Therapy (muscle pain)
NKT	Natural killer T-cells (lymphocytes)
NKT	Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NKT	New Karting Team
NKT	Newman-Keuls Test
NKT	Never Knew That (Internet slang)
NKT	Nederlands Keuringsinstituut voor Telecommunicatieapparatuur (Dutch Regulatory Branch)
NKT	Non-Kinetic Technology
NKT	Northern Kentucky Transit, Inc.

What does NKT in texting or writing

Since the internet came, a bunch of new and interesting things have been mushrooming day in day out. Some are beneficial while others are just for fun. Even communication have become easier and quite easy to understand to most of us.


It also brought about many chat acronyms like the NKT, the one we are going to talk about in this article. We are going to look into the NKT meaning deeply and how and where it is used. This acronyms actually came with the use of the Sheng language.

Sheng language is derived from Swahili, English and other ethnic languages in Kenya like Kikuyu and Luo. The internet also brought about the social media sites we have now like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin among others.

It also invented messaging applications like, Whatsapp, Telegram and other wonderful ones. With these, apps, you are able to message anyone from around the world as long as you can use the internet.


NKT acronym meaning

There are a bunch of other acronyms but we are going to look keenly on the meaning of NKT. First of all we are going to look closely on the NKT acronym meaning, which basically means ” Not Kindly Taken.” This acronym when translated into speech mode it is pronounced when someone clicks in annoyance.

NKT shows an expression of annoyance. This acronym is mostly used mostly on social sites and when texting. Someone will send you an NKT text meaning they are not pleased with something that you just did or texted. It is sometimes followed by a angry emoji that is usually red in color and somehow amusing (let’s just say I find it amusing).

If you are still wondering what is the meaning of NKT at this point, then read on to find the meaning that you really need to know.

NKT meaning Kenya

The use of NKT has also been noticed in Kenya in texts and chatting a lot of times and less on social sites. This is because the meaning for NKT is actually serious so this can happen in a more serious conversation in chatting.

NKT in chatting

An NKT word in chat means that the person is not very happy with what just happened and they are annoyed. Below is an example:

John: Am sorry I won’t be coming today
Mary: NKT! I should have known.

In this chat it shows that there was to be a meeting between the two, but John couldn’t make and Mary is angry. In case you haven’t noticed, there is an exclamation mark in the NKT acronym. This is a NKT chat meaning that Mary is angry and dissapointed at the same time thus the exclamation mark.

Meaning of NKT lol

This is another form of the NKT slang that does not purely mean an expression of annoyance. This is used where you have discovered something that you have misunderstood for quite some time. For example something that you kept saying wrong the you discover the right meaning of the word. Below is an example

John: Did you know that your favorite game ‘tapo’ was actually tap and go?
Mary: NKT lol, so I was saying it wrong all this while.

What does NKT mean on social media

I guess we are now clear on the meaning of NKT in texting, now we can look on the other side meaning and use of NKT on Facebook and other social media sites. This acronym is usually used on both cases for an amusing discovery or for expressing annoyance.

This shows up in cases where there is a post that is annoying you, you just type the acronyms NKT to show how annoyed you are. With this social media sites and messaging apps opeople have derived acronyms for easier and fast chatting.

Some of this acronyms include:
LOL - which means laughing out loud.
BTW - which means by the way
MYOB - which means mind your own business
SMH - which means shaking my head
The NKT acronym is best for texting or in social media sites. 

It is not really known where it originated from but it is mostly used by the younger generation of about 13-30 years of age. However, this is a free world and you are free to use it no matter what age you are, just don’t use it on a conversation with your boss. It’s an informal language.


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