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‘No Cap’ Slang Meaning and Usage


This slang ‘No Cap‘ has obviously taken over social media. You might have seen people saying “no cap” (sometimes presented as the baseball cap emoji) in comments or captions. Here in this article is everything you need to know about the No Cap Slang.

What does “no cap” mean?

To cap or capping in Nigerian slang is to Talk. For example, I day cap you the legit information. Meaning, I’m telling you the true information.

According to Urban Dictionary, when someone writes “no cap,” it “basically means that they’re not lying or ‘capping’ like they did something.” In other words, people say “no cap” to convey that they’re being totally and completely honest and not exergerating. An example sentence included is, “That was good, no cap.”

Where did “no cap” originate from?

In a video tracing the origins of the phrase “no cap,” Genius spoke to Dr. Sharese King, a linguistics professor at the University of Chicago, and she explained that “no cap” can be tracked back to “playing the dozens,” a “game of trading insults that weren’t actually based in truth.” In some areas, this was apparently referred to as “capping.”


“It’s this art form in which you have two people sort of dueling over who basically can roast the other person the best,” she explained.


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