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Noah Kagan Biography And Net Worth 2022: How Rich is AppSumo’s Creator?


The founder and CEO of AppSumo, a platform for software development, is Noah Kagan, a seasoned businessman. He has previously worked at Mint Software Inc. and Facebook in their early years. On his YouTube channel, he shares his business strategies and experiences. Noah Kagan’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $45 million.

Profile Summary

Noah Kagan Biography And Net Worth 2022: How Rich is AppSumo's Creator?
NameNoah Kagan
BornFebruary 17, 1982
Age40 years old
Place of birth United States
Nationality American
Marital status N/A
Occupation Internet expert
Net Worth $45 Million

Early Years

On February 17, 1982, Noah was born in the US. His high school was Lynbrook in San Jose, California. He enrolled in college in 1996 and earned his degree in 2000.

At the University of California, Berkeley, he then pursued postsecondary education. At the respected university’s Haas School of Business, he pursued a degree in Business and Economics.



2004 saw the young man’s graduation. But even when he was still in college, he was already engaging in some entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2001, he launched the OkDork website and newsletter. He continues to run it today.

Commercial Career

Kagan began working immediately after college. He worked for Intel Corporation in 2004 as a geography marketing analyst. He also owned HFG consultancy at this time. In 2005, Noah ended his employment with Intel and HFG.

Then, for about a year, he worked as a coordinator at CommunityNext.com. He was sacked from his position as product manager at Facebook in 2005 for allegedly exposing trade secrets. He changed jobs in 2006 to become the director of marketing at Mint Software Inc.

The would-be businessman was Mint’s fourth employee and Facebook’s 30th employee overall. In 2007, he left Mint to assist in founding Gambit. It only survived up until Noah developed the web business tool AppSumo in 2010.

Employer Search

In order to discuss AppSumo’s development, he uploaded his first video to YouTube in 2011. His software development app gained popularity in just one year, and they were able to purchase an office to house their activities.

The Noah Kagan channel kept disseminating advice for entrepreneurs and stories from Noah. He shared a tale of how he unintentionally amassed a million dollars in cryptocurrency. At first, he had second thoughts about Bitcoin. But he acquired some when he ran out of it to pay for an unauthorized Super Bowl stream.

Kagan had no idea that cryptocurrency would contribute significantly to his overall wealth. By telling these kinds of tales and providing helpful entrepreneurial advice, he was able to amass 351,000 subscribers as of the time of this writing.

Earnings and Net Worth

Noah is thought to earn anything between $2,200 to $35,700 a year from his YouTube posts. However, it is anticipated that this is a far cry from his salary as the CEO of AppSumo.

In terms of his Bitcoin holdings, he started off with $2,000 in 2016. But after seeing its potential, he increased his cryptocurrency investment to a total of between $60,000 and $70,00. He said it made him a million dollars. His current net worth is pegged at $45 million.

Individual Life

Noah seems to be a very private individual who avoids talking about his personal life in the media. The fact that he is presently based in Austin, Texas, is known, nevertheless.


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