Old Taker Meaning: Everything you need to know about ‘Old Taker Trend’

What is the meaning of the popular slang Old Taker? It got to a point when social media platforms such as Twitter feed and WhatsApp status were in the trending with jokes about the ‘Old Takers’. ‘Old taker don sell Ps5 say ‘life is not a game’ 😂’ is one of the trending tweets in the trend and was posted by a Twitter user with the username @raycypherSf.

The tweet at the time of writing this article had gotten more than 50 likes, with over 9 retweets. Among those trending the phrase is popular Warri-based singer, Erhiga Agarivbie (professionally known Erigga) and he did justice to the trend by dropping an explanation.

According to him; ‘To whom it may concern the term “old taker” simply means “formal big boy”’. In other words, it simply means someone that has gotten paid in the ‘street way’.

What is the meaning of Old Taker?

Accoding to source online, Old Taker means someone who had tasted money before and maybe run out of cash or something of that nature, hence he sells the luxury properties he got when he was still in wealth.

Old_taker say make you spend wisely you dey follow am argue...keep on poping 😒' - 

@Kontrolla9'Old_taker don sell JBL speaker sey e too loud 😂' - 

@raycypherSf'Old_TAKER go stingy if E take AGAIN' - 

@gabrielovos'Old_taker Dey advice new taker make he avoid night club new taker Dey argue' - 

@Fairp_yanyen'New taker buy food from killimanjaro, tell waiter make e keep the change, old taker look am smile 😊' 
Old Taker
Old Taker

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