Orania South Africa: Currency, Jobs, Everything to know

Orania South Africa has existed for a long time; it is more like a state within a state that practices apartheid. The idea is that while apartheid is no longer used in South Africa, Orania continues to act in a racist manner.

Orania South Africa

Orania South Africa town

The town may have been existed for a while, but social media users and the press are only now starting to take notice of it. The most common queries about the town of Orania are addressed below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Orania South Africa
  • Is Orania South Africa Legal?

So far there is no official rule that forbids visitors and black people from traveling there, Orania is not unlawful. However, other reports claim that the only people who are allowed are citizens of Africa. Nearby black residents are concerned that they could be attacked if they visit.

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  • Can i reside in Orania?

At the time, the only people who live in Orania are Afrikaners, or whites. Theoretically, every South African could call Orania home. In reality, though, the community is only allowed to house white people.

  • Can I travel to Orania?

Anyone is welcome to visit Orania. However, potential visitors are cautioned to exercise caution and refrain from doing anything that would irritate the locals because the village was founded as a “Afrikaner-only” community.

  • Can anyone reside in Orania?

Only Afrikaners, or whites as some could say, are allowed to dwell in Orania. Living there makes black people nervous because they worry about being attacked by white Afrikaners.

  • Who was Orania’s founder?
Orania South Africa

Carel Boshoff Snr, an Afrikaner white nationalist and South African theology professor, founded Orania in 1991, at the time apartheid was being abolished. He died on March 16, 2011.

  • Is Orania part of South Africa?

Yes, South Africa includes Orania. However, because the town and its residents prefer to stay segregated, many people still question whether they are in really a part of South Africa, especially given how infrequently the town appears in the national media.

  • Where is Orania in South Africa?

Along the Orange River in the Northern Cape province’s Karoo region is Orania. It has 1,773 residents (2019)

  • Has Orania a unique currency?

The town of Orania does really have its own money. The Ora, which is linked to the South African rand, was introduced in April 2004. Outside of the town, the currency is not accepted.

Has Orania got a military?

There is no army or police post in Orania, which is reported to have no permanent military force. In reality, the Oranje Commando is a battalion of the South African Infantry Corps Army Territorial Reserve, despite what some people believe to be the Oranioa army.

If the South African military invaded Orania, it wouldn’t stand a chance because it is a very small nation.

  • Is there a hospital in Orania?

A hospital exists in Orania. However, compared to those on South Africa’s mainland, its medical services and facilities are less comprehensive.

  • Does Orania Exist today?

Yes, Orania is still in existence —at least as of the writing, in July 2022. And if the South African government continues to turn a blind eye as it has done since the settlement’s establishment decades ago, it appears that the town will continue to exist unaltered in any form for a very long time.

  • Is there a police station in Orania?

No, Orania doesn’t have any police stations. Three years ago, an ABC story claimed that Orania had no police stations since there was no crime there. The locals are content to simply live their lives without stealing anything.

  • Is there load shedding in Orania?

Many have questioned whether “neighboring” Orania is experiencing the same problem as South Africa due to the load-shedding dilemma. Orania doesn’t experience these problems, though. The city’s electricity needs are met by solar energy, which is used by the town. There, Eskom has no presence.

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  • Is there a university in Orania?

The CVO Skool Orania (Christian Volks-Onderwys or Christian People’s Education) and Volkskool Orania (Orania People’s School) are the two schools in the town of Orania. There is no information on a university in Orania.

  • Is Orania a tax payer?

The community of Orania is mostly self-sufficient, producing everything from pecan nuts to veggies. It also looks after the infrastructure for its electricity and raises livestock. It nevertheless pays taxes to South Africa.

  • What kind of money is used in Orania?

Orania is adamant about being independent and doing things to express its sovereignty, such as having its own currency, the Ora. The currency is represented by the letter.

  • How can one apply to reside in Orania?
Orania South Africa currency

Many people, notably black people, have considered relocating to Orania but have chosen not to do so in order to appease the local populace, which is opposed to the presence of black people there.

White people can, however, apply to live in Orania. Simply put, they are unable to purchase a house in the community and move in. Those who choose to remain must apply and go through a community interview process.

The absence of any criminal histories from applicants is one of the screening factors. However, there is no guarantee that one will be accepted after applying.

  • What is the size of Orania
Size of Orania South Africa

Some people associate Orania with an enormous area. Actually, Orania is a little town with an area of 8.95 km2.

10 Fascinating Facts About Orania South Africa

  • Orania was established in 1991. The town was created during the last years of apartheid by Afrikaner intellectual Carel Boshoff Snr, the son-in-law of former South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd.
  • Orania was created with the primary intention to preserve Afrikanerdom cultural heritage and Afrikaner selfwerksaamheid (self-reliance).
  • The town has a population of 1,085 (estimate, 2014) and it measures 8.95 km2 (3.46 sq mi).
  • Afrikaans is the main language, spoken by 98.4 percent of the population and English is spoken by 1,6 percent.
  • The town is run by a council, which is the main political institution responsible for running the town’s daily affairs.
  • The economy is dependent on agriculture, and there is a large pecan nut plantation, one of the largest in South Africa, and the town exports some its agricultural products.
  • The community has its own currency, called the Ora, pegged to the South African Rand.
  • The town is not independent but its existence is permitted by the Constitution of South Africa under a clause that allows for the right to self-determination.
  • On a hill above Orania, atop a series of plinths arranged in a semicircle, sit the sculpted heads of former Afrikaner leaders.
  • This is the home for statues with nowhere else to go. The town boasts of a deeply religious community.
  • There are various local churches, which include the Dutch Reformed Church, Apostoliese Geloofsending, Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk, amongst others.
  • The name Orania is a variation of the Afrikaans word oranje, referring to the adjoining Orange River.

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