Mr Peter Obi’s contact number and Email address

Mr Peter Obi who has risen to prominence in recent times; he is the presidential flag bearer for the Labour Party ahead of the 2023 general elections. His presidential campaign has become a movement in Nigeria. Peter Obi’s contact number and email address are some of the information.

Peter Obi’s contact number and Email address

Due to his massive rise to fame in 2022, many people seek an audience with him, to discuss matters of interest, or to interview him for various purposes. The good news is that Peter Obi has made provisions for these means of communication. Just as expected from the youth movement built in support of his Political career – one who wishes to be a selfless leader.


Here is Peter Obi Phone Number and Email Address

Peter Obi’s Phone Number: 08034051000
Whatsapp Number: Same as above
Twitter Handle: @PeterObi
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Peter Obi Page

As we all know, Peter Obi is a very busy man; one with high status in the society. So providing his direct phone line on social media won’t be possible – considering how volatile the Nigerian political space is at the moment. Even the telephone number provided above was switched off as at the time our correspondent attempted to place a call through to it.

His Twitter handle is the most trusted means of communication with Peter Obi; although there is reason to believe that there is a media team behind it; Peter Obi is too busy with meetings, strategizing his next move. It would be unreasonable to expect him to personally be in charge of this means of communication.

Nevertheless, it is fully expected that the media team should pay attention to the important tweets, and pass them along to Mr. Peter Obi. However, there could be a considerable waiting time involved because he is very busy with meetings, consultations, and campaign matters.

The email address is sourced online; there is no way to verify whether it is truly in use; although it may have been used as his email contact sometime in the past, before he declared to run for president.

Peter Obi has a facebook page on which he shares communication with fans, of which he has plenty. There are about 301653 likes on Peter Obi’s facebook page. You may contact him using this medium, and of course, it is probably managed by a team.


About Peter Obi Support Network

The Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) is the foremost support network that is crowdfunding for Peter Obi’s presidential campaigns; made up of Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora who have come together to contribute both personal efforts and financial resources to help fund the expenses of Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential campaigns.

Overview Of The Peter Obi Candidacy

Peter Obi seems to have amassed more following in the Diaspora than within the country proper. It is therefore necessary that he finds a way of connecting to the people on a more personal basis; which may be why he has taken to social media to try and reach out to young Nigerians which make up the lager part of his following.

Peter Obi has sold his candidacy on the back of the dire need for leadership in the country. He has banked upon his tenure as governor of Anambra state, in which he managed the state on a period of infrastructural development.

Before that, Peter Obi had a career in business and finance; he was born into a business family, and his father died early, leaving him in charge of a retail business, which peter Obi expanded.

He then went into banking; he invested substantially into banking, and later became Chairman of Fidelity Bank.

While Peter Obi is nowhere near as rich as the other candidates, he has had a successful career in business and politics, and has shown that he is quite a capable man.

A central part of his campaign theme has been his persona as a frugal person. This frugality has attracted many young persons who are concerned that the country’s resources have not been properly managed. Many believe that rather than a person who spends lavishly out of his abundance, what Nigeria needs is a stingy person.

Who is Peter Obi in Nigeria?

Obi took office for governorship on 17 March 2006. On 2 November 2006, he was impeached by the state house of assembly after seven months in office and was replaced the next day by Virginia Etiaba, his deputy, making her the first-ever female governor in Nigeria’s history.

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