Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Marcopolo transport is one of those long, traveler extravagance transports you couldn’t imagine anything better than to ride in particularly for long street ventures. This transport brand is made by Marcopolo S.A-a Brazilian transport and mentor maker established on 6 August 1949 in the southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

Marcopolo addresses one of the biggest makers of the well known BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) transports. BRT transports are utilized in different pieces of Nigeria, particularly in Lagos. presents to you a broad survey, costs and purchasing guide for the Marcopolo transport.


Marcopolo Paradiso 1350

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Paradiso 1350 affirms of Marcopolo’s capacity to create traveler transports that fit center and extremely long rides. It offers a prevalent degree of solace, security and ergonomics for travelers. Cutthroat elements of the Marcopolo Paradiso 1350 over other transport brands are; its more extensive space for baggage – 1,350 cm side skirt and its biggest volumetric limit of more than 20.5 cubic meters. It likewise accompanies a cutting edge and modern inside plan, new seats, perusing light sets and a latrine.

Marcopolo Ideale

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

Exceptional elements of the Marcopolo Ideale are its sumptuous solace and plan (New Marcopolo DNA ), and simplicity of activity. It likewise includes LED turning lights, another front grille (Hive standard), infused lower bars in the front guard and haze light. As per Marcopolo, it is a transport intended for the intercity and contracting sections, and furthermore normal lines of short and medium distances. The cutting edge plan of the Marcopolo Ideale is enhanced to give better use of the inside space, give higher underlying unbending nature and wellbeing, which thusly brings down lower working expenses.

Marcopolo Torino Articulated Express

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Tirino Articulated accompanies a seating limit with regards to in excess of 130 travelers. With an all out length of 20 to 23 meters, the Torino Articulated Express transport has been intended to suit the BRT framework.

The model elements current plan and innovation inclining toward usefulness, solace and security, with the overhauled multiplex framework, dashboard with 3.5″ variety LCD show and cooling framework presented as a choice. It additionally includes new back and front lights including sunlight, which gives greater security in metropolitan travel. It likewise accompanies more extensive inside width (2.55 m), with adequate space for travelers to move around, notwithstanding more solace and security for drivers.

The Torino Express has five need seats for the older, pregnant ladies as well as individuals with handicaps, a programmed lift, and devoted space for wheelchair clients.

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

Marcopolo Torino Low Entry

The Torino Low Entry has a minimal expense of activity/upkeep and furthermore gives solace to travelers. It is furnished with air suspension and a low floor, giving simple admittance to all travelers without the requirement for a lift. Stacking and dumping travelers are additionally quicker, incorporating travelers with diminished versatility and wheelchair clients. For additional wellbeing, it can likewise get an armada the executives framework, interior Led lighting framework, and varying media hardware (19-inch LCD screens) and a reinforcement alarm.


It highlights seating limit with respect to up to 90 travelers (49 situated travelers and 41 standing travelers), notwithstanding need seats for individuals with incapacities, seniors as well as pregnant ladies, one seat for a fat individual and one securement wheelchair region.

Marcopolo Torino Rear Engine

Very much like the name infers, the Torino has its motor situated at its back. With this, there is a decreased degree of motor commotion inside the transport while driving. The Torino likewise has a low section, which makes it simple for travelers, and, surprisingly, those on wheelchairs to enter effectively without a lift.

Marcopolo Scania

Price of Marcopolo Bus In Nigeria: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Scania is utilized for BRT transports, particularly by the Lagos State Government in Nigeria. This model is worked with quality materials to give commotion protection subsequently giving travelers a top of the line riding experience. Standard highlights of the Marcopolo Scania incorporates; Full air suspension for remarkable solace, Electronic Braking System (EBS), Traction Control (TC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM), Bodywork data in Instrument Cluster (ICL), Spare Wheel Carrier, Steering wheel in selective dark calfskin with wood trim and so on.

Value Of Marcopolo Buses

Paradiso 1350 100,000,000-120,000,000 . 80,000,000-95,000,000 70,000,000-90,000,000
Marcopolo Ideale 90,000,000-120,000,000 . 75,000,000-80,000,000 . 65,000,000-75,000,000
Marcopolo Articulated Express 100,000,000-140,000,000 . 90,000,000-110,000,000 . 70,000,000-85,000,000
Marcopolo Low Entry 70,000,000-90,000,000 . 60,000,000-85,000,000 . 50,000,000-55,000,000
Marcopolo Torino Rear Engine 75,000,000-95,000,000 65,000,000-85,000,000 . 55,000,000-60,000,000
Marcopolo Scania 80,000,000-95,000,000 . 50,000,000-70,000,000 . 45,000,000-65,000,000

Purchasing Guide For Marcopolo Bus

Purchase From Recognized Dealers

At the point when you need to purchase your Marcopolo transport, it’s ideal to purchase from perceived vehicle sellers or any vendor approved by Mercedes Benz, so you won’t buy flawed models.

Really take a look at Your Budget

The Marcopolo transport is a cutting edge traveler transport with various highlights and models that decides the cost. In any case, great incentive for cash for anybody can bear the cost of it. Consequently, contingent upon your financial plan, you can get it either fresh out of the box new, unfamiliar utilized or privately utilized. There are progressed and discretionary bundles accessible, do well to go for that which accommodates your financial plan.


Every one of the models consistently has specific elements that are further developed than the earlier year. Thus, it is ideal to consider what you truly prefer to have in your Marcopolo and pick the model year that offers it. You can likewise get discretionary elements to make your vehicle fit your taste.

Investigate The Vehicle

Before you brave of the vehicle vendor’s carport or even cover the bills, guarantee you have completely examined the transport particularly on the off chance that you are purchasing a pre-owned model. Check the passage highlight know whether it’s low enough for simple entry for travelers.

Arrange The Price

Nothing bad can really be said about arranging the cost of a vehicle you need to purchase. Just examine with the seller and arrive at a reasonable concurred cost.

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