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Selina Tested crew are here with another interesting and powerful Episode of the selina tested movie series. After the release of the much anticipated Episode 23, they are set to give up more action in Episode 24. Are you ready for Episode 24? Kindly drop a comment for us below.


Selina Tested Episode 24 Movie Cast

NameEpisode 24
ProducerLightweight Entertainment
CityPort Harcourt
Key ActorsAboy, Chiboy, Odogwu, Tallest, Sibi, WonderBoy, Amoural, Drela, Smaller, Otuaka, Chief Priest
Release dateN/A
Official Release SiteYouTube and Insidegistblog
Download Episode 23 Otuaka

What to expect from selina tested episode 24

Selina Episode 24 is coming with another different perspective to the story. The introduction of Otuaka speaks volume. Now that Aboy and Odogwu are back from Coma, they need to renew their selina together with Chiboy to be able to face Sibi who became an uncontrollable beast over night.

Otuaka is fore seeing dangers ahead if Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu do nothing to renew their expired selina. Do you want to know what selina means, click HERE


• Tallest is not selina tested and we wonder what befalls him in the battle ahead. Do you think he’ll join Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu to the spirit land? Drop a comment below

• Dera on the other part is lost and hardly able to find her way back to Holy Ground in quest to meet Aboy, her lover. Unfortunately, she is in a strange land. Sibi and his men are in search for her we pray they don’t find her.

• Sibi the strongest lion of the moment is roaring so loud for everyone who comes hear to be afraid. He’s cashing Aboy, Chiboy Odogwu and tallest to where ever they have gone to and until he revenge, there’s nothing stopping him soon. Do you think Sibi will be defeated in Episode 24, drop a comment in the comment box for us.

What is Selina Tested movie? Selina Tested movie is an action movie/story that was written by Manuchim Praize aka Odogwu and produced by Lightweight Entertainment. This action movie depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more.

Please note: Incase you’re unable to download the movie, try again as it may be as a result of poor network.⚠️

Alot of fans have been asking about Selina tested episode 24. Is Selina tested episode 24 out? Is Selina tested banned? We have all the answers to your questions below.

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• Is Selina tested movie banned? Selina tested movie has not been banned. The movie is still available for download. Lightweight entertainment are the official producers of the movie. You can subscribe to our blog so that we’ll give you all the legit intels about Selina tested. Ignore all rumors that the movie has been banned.

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Is selina tested episode 24 out?

Selina tested episode 24 hasn’t been officially released. That’s because lightweight entertainment has been on hold. But as soon as episode 21 is out, we’ll update you. All you have to do is to subscribe to our blog because we always give out updates on Selina tested. Watch selina tested episode 23 Here

The movie Selina tested is no doubt one of the most trending Nigerian movie of 2021. You can confirm that the movie has captured the attention of millions of Nigerians.

What is selina tested episode 24 coming out

For now, we can’t give exact date when selina tested episode 24 will be coming out. But if you subscribe to our blog or bookmark this page, we’ll keep you updated.


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