Split face diving accident full video 2009

Social media users have been discussing a Reddit post known as the split face diving accident nonstop. Internet users appear to have just become aware of the old post, despite the fact that the story and gory video were shared 13 years ago.


The post was made on the social media site Reddit many years ago by member u/zombiedub. At the time this article was written, it had received 93% of the votes.

According to reports, the horrible incident involving the 16-year-old Beirut resident happened in June 2009. A teenager tried to dive off the Manara Promenade, which is directly across from the American University, and was involved in the diving disaster. Unfortunately, the teen struck concrete first before striking the water.

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What happened in the split face diving accident video?

Split face diving accident full video

The boy’s brother can be seen successfully diving into the water from the Promenade building, which is almost 40 feet tall, in the video of the diving disaster that has since leaked online. The brother and his sibling, according to the Reddit post, “had made several jumps before and everything had gone fine, but this time he slips and disaster unfolds.”

After the young man struck the concrete, a witness could be heard yelling in Arabic, “Oh my God! God, oh God! Call the Civil Defense, please.


The youngster is seen in an emergency room at an American University Hospital in the following scene of the film. According to the Reddit thread, the doctor made an effort to keep the boy’s face together in order to preserve his airway.

“All the surgeons could do was to stitch up his very deep and severe wounds in his face. Although some clinicians on the Net have said that a good ENT could patch this kid up good, this poor guy could not be saved. All they were able to do was to keep him alive in the ICU for two days before he died.”


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