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Trabeye Meaning in Nigeria: Origin and meaning of ‘Trabeye’ slang


Nigeria is a country where things easily trends and when it starts trending, individuals flows with it well. Nigerians easily catch cruise with trends and don’t mind making comedy skits with these trends. Let’s look at Trabaye meaning in Nigeria.

Trabeye Meaning in Nigeria – Origin and meaning of Trabeye in nigeria

Trabaye is a casual word from portable’s hit song, ‘Zazu’ that has graduatetd into a street slang. According to Urban Dictionary, Trabaye simply means ‘to misbehave as a result of intoxication caused by taking hard drugs.

Trabaye can also be used also with ‘Gbemi Debe’ which means get me from a low end to a high end.

What is the origin of the slang word, ‘Trabaye’?

On the 21st of December 2021, Portable had released a rant video of him calling out dancer Poco Lee for allegedly taking advantage of him after their song.


In the video, after giving a hyped introduction of himself the aggrieved singer had given props to Wizkid for gifting his cash and then Olamide who’d blessed him with a verse on his song and footed the bills for the production of the remix as well as the visuals.

He’d said; “Oluwa Wizzy baba nla ti bo cardi o, Olamide lo gbe mi trabaye o.” The rant had been almost two minutes long and the singer had gone on to narrate his grouse with Poco Lee while making use of the word trabaye again.

Portable’s grievance was though unexpected at the time but had soon gone viral as several people were shocked by his outspokenness while some others were in agreement with his complaint. A larger party of viewers also thought the video was funny and soon elements of it were used in different ways, from being meme-ified to being flipped into DJ mixes.

Alongside the phrase, ‘Poco you no show love o’ and ‘are you mad or something?’ the word trabaye had been one of the words that had taken flight, most commonly used in speech and to caption the infamous comrade memes.

Trabeye Meaning in Nigeria

Gbemi Trabaye meaning

On the introduction to the Zazoo Zehh remix, Poco Lee had yelled, “Baddoo gbemi trabaye!” right before the beat drop that precedes Olamide’s much-loved versed. Soon enough, memes with captions like ‘comrade gbemi trabaye’ started popping up on the internet, and the word had soon become a trend.

The rise of the word was further cemented by the artistry of YBNL’s latest signee, Asake who had released a debut EP shortly after, off the heels of the success of his Olamide-featured Omo Ope single.

With gratitude to Olamide for granting him a pedestal with which his artistry had witnessed a meteoric rise, Asake had titled the intro track to his EP; Trabaye. Rendered in a solemn tone, the song goes;“Mo fe trabaye, gbemi gbemi trabaye eh eh, ah mo fe traba, mo fe traba.”

And as the song fades out, a voiceover of Olamide assuring Asake that he was sorted for life was inserted afterwards.

What is the meaning of ‘Trabaye’ and how to use it can it be used in a sentence?

Confusion surrounding the meaning of trabaye had taken full form on the social media app Twitter when a popular Twitter user, Jollz had plain-as-day come out to ask what the word meant. She’d soon gotten a response from popular YouTuber, Korty Eo who described trabaye in a crystal clear dictionary-style manner saying;

“Trabaye /trābajī/ verb The act of transitioning from a low point to a high point. e.g: “he was down until Canadian Loud helped him trabaye.” Similar: gbemi de be.”
Trabeye Meaning in Nigeria

The meaning of ‘trabaye’ VS the meaning of ‘penkelemess’

This explanation is however better suited for the Burna Boy popularised slang Penkelemess which can be interpreted to mean one who has lost control of their senses under heavy intoxication. Burna Boy had mentioned the slang word penkelemess several times on his B.

Dor track with Wizkid and once spelt it out on his Instastory to read ‘peculiar mess.’Considering the musical usage of the word, it also adds up that the slang trabaye means to be pivoted or moved to a higher level.

This is due to the fact that Olamide whom the word has been used in reference to several times has since his remix with Portable in December last year, been on an iconic run of features that have seen him push acts such as Portable, T.I Blaze and Asake into the mainstream, with undisputed hit records therefore, (Olamide) Baddo gbe won trabaye (Olamide helped push their career.)

Source: Notjustok.cok and naijaloaded.com.ng


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