Tracy Harrison Biography, Career, Family and Life Story

Career and Biography of Tracy Harrison

Rick Harrison, the creator of the well-known television program “Pawn Stars,” is Tracy Harrison’s ex-husband (Richard Kevin Harrison). She served as Rick’s wife from the mid-1980s to the early 2010s. Read the article through to the conclusion to learn more about Tracy Harrison’s family, career, important works, and biography.

Tracy Harrison Biography, Career, Family and Life Story

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which is featured on the History program Pawn Stars, is owned by Rick, Tracy’s ex-husband and a well-known businessman and reality television star. The History Channel’s highest-rated program, Pawn Stars, also ranked second in reality television ratings to Jersey Shore.


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In 1981, Harrison’s father started The Gold & Silver Coin Shop, a 300-square-foot secondhand shop on Las Vegas Boulevard South. Harrison spent the day helping his father in the store and the evenings repossessing vehicles. The store moved to a bigger location on Fremont Street after five years.

Tracy Harrison Biography, Career, Family and Life Story

After two years, the Harrisons’ lease at that place was up. Later, they moved to a brand-new structure on Las Vegas Boulevard in a business district. Harrison refers to the desire he and his father had for a long time to turn the store into a pawn shop as a “logical progression” in his memoirs. because of a 1955 ordinance in Las Vegas that demanded that the number of new pawn licenses issued be based on the population of the city.

A succinct bio of Tracy Harrison

In 1986, Tracy Harrison wed Richard Kevin Harrison, also called Rick Harrison. Before being divorced, the pair had been married for more than 20 years.

Tracy Harrison Biography, Career, Family and Life Story

Rick Harrison’s second wife is Tracy Harrison. The two have gone to many events and gatherings together, as well as trips to other places. There didn’t seem to be any issues in Rick and Tracy’s marriage. Over time, things break down, and their bond is no longer as strong as it once was. Later, the couple separated and got a divorce.

From 1982 to 1985, Rick was married to Kim Harrison, with whom he had two children, Corey and Adam. Rick and Deanna Burditt got married soon after Tracy. despite the fact that they weren’t parents together.

Divorce and having a sole child

The public has not yet been informed of the cause of their divorce. Jake Harrison is Tracy and Rick’s son. Rick’s youngest child, Jake, did not make an appearance on his show. Some stories claim that Jake split his time between his mother and father. Jake is a secretive guy, much like his mother, thus finding any information about him might be challenging.

Tracy Harrison Biography, Career, Family and Life Story

Steven Harrison

Rick was born in the state of North Carolina, in Lexington. He was the third child to be born to Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. and Joanne Rhue Harrison on March 22, 1965. Harrison is the younger brother of Sherry Joanne Harrison, who passed away at the age of 6, and the older brother of Chris Harrison.

Harrison’s grandson, Corey, allegedly told him that they are related to former US President William Henry Harrison.

Although Harrison’s father has claimed that the family is distantly linked to Benjamin Harrison, a grandson of William Henry Harrison, Harrison has stated that he does not believe in this notion.

We hope that reading this Tracy Harrison biography will help you better understand her life and career.

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