What is body count for women or men?

There is so much negativity in the mind of many when it comes to body count, either for men or women. Before we proceed into this discussion, let’s explain what body count actually means. Body count is simply the number of men a lady has slept with or the number of girls a guy has slept with.

Body count

The topic on body count is usually controversial so I’ll ensure to say what won’t hurt anyone as possible as I can. The video below, gives an explanation or insight to our topic.


We sometimes feel shy or awkward when asked our body count especially when you’re discussing with your new lover or your parents. It’s so funny to see most people react negatively when a lady talks about her body count but when a guy talks about his, he’s considered a pro or is being hailed “The Bad guy” In the African tradition, a woman is expected to live a highly moral life. She’s expected to keep her self or rather her virginity for her husband.

In our world today, most people are more concerned with the number of men a lady has slept with in her life than the number of women a guy has slept with. In today’s relationship, body count is one of the most asked questions. Everyone is insecure about his partners sexuality. What they’ve done before, or what they’ll do in your absence etc.

Asking a lady for her body count as a yardstick to date her might not be really be necessary in most case. Whosoever she has slept with is in the past and you’re the one in her present and possibly in her future too. Body count, whether it’s the man or the woman, shouldn’t matter as long as both of you are being faithful to each other.

Of course, before you start having unprotected sex, you should have done medical tests that ensure that both of you are STI-free. That’s just a little caveat there but once that has been done, the only important thing is that both of you are faithful to each other.

Some ladies are of the habit of asking their man, his body count. You can put him off with that question. By the way, you can’t discourage talk of the number of people you have slept with if you keep asking him the number of women he has slept with. It just doesn’t work that way. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So if you don’t want him to keep asking you what your body count is, don’t keep asking him what his body count is.

Is there any acceptable body count for ladies?

There are some guys that are very persistent. If he keeps asking you what your body count is, first of all know that it means you’re going to have to be reassuring this guy for the rest of your life. Settle this fact at the back of your mind.

Body count

If you feel forced and that you do have to tell him a figure, I read somewhere that ‘3’ is the acceptable number for a woman to say she has slept with. It makes the guy feel like you’re not lying by claiming that you’re a virgin but at the same time, it lets him feel like you have some experience in the bedroom and you won’t be boring.

So, if you feel that you have to give him a number, tell him that your body count is 3. It seems that 3 is the number when it comes to body count for women that men accept. Once again, I have to remind you that ideally, you should discourage all talk of body count.

Tell him that it’s not important how many people you have slept with and it’s not important how many people he has slept with because really, the future is about both of you. It’s about both of you having a faithful, monogamous relationship.

Why border and your partners body count?

Whom a woman has slept with in the past should not suddenly make them unattractive to you, and should not affect their standing with you. Women don’t think of the number of women a man has been with before loving them as they should. Why can’t they be accorded the same courtesy?

Besides, there’s no assurance that the figure she’ll tell you is the accurate thing. And how would you know if she downplayed the numbers just so you don’t run off or start acting strange because of the truth? Really, it’s simple; if you think she is kind, smart, intelligent and fun to be with, how does her body count suddenly change all of the positive vibes you feel with her? Most times, guys can’t even deal with the truth especially when the babe in question is one that has truly explored her sexuality before they came into the picture.

There is no way to know the correct Nigerian stats, but in England in 2017, it was revealed that the average woman sleeps with eight guys before settling down. We think a huge number of Nigerian guys will estimate that as being too much. This is where I get to talk about how unfair it is that guys could have slept with over 10 girls and will be hailed a champ and a woman does the same and she’s a tramp. That just doesn’t seem right especially now that gender equality is being called for more.

Back to the body count subject; to ask about your woman this question also puts your relationship in a precarious balance. If she’s been with more than a few guys and presumes that you’ll be staggered if she tells you, this will prompt her to come up with a lie; which of course is not what you want in your relationship.

If she trusts you with the truth, you may never be able to handle it. If your relationship is in a good place and everything is going great between your woman and you, you really do not need any inconsequential thing to upstage it. Let sleeping dogs lie, my guy. Knowing your partners body count is good, very very good but it should be asked the right way and time. You need wisdom for this, I tell you.

In conclusion, if you have done sexual mistakes in the past, i.e had numerous sexual encounters in the past and you’re feeling so bad that your partner has same experience, it’s bad. Let go of that I’ll feeling. People make mistakes. Don’t see him or her as being so cheap to have done this and that. Just move on with your new found love.

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