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What Tribe is Mercy Chinwo?


Mercy Nnenda Chinwo is one of Nigeria’s highly rated, talented and gifted gospel female artiste. She is also a singer, actress, and songwriter. Mercy is specially known for her spirit filled songs which is known to bless the lives and uplift souls. Where is Mercy Chinwo from? has been the questions of her fans ever since she came to fame. Which tribe is Mercy Chinwo? everyone wants to know. Contained in this is a lot about Mercy Chinwo so just keep reading and enjoy yourself on my blog.

which tribe is mercy chinwo

Which State is Mercy Chinwo From?

Mercy Chinwo is from Port Harcourt in River State Nigeria. She lost her dad at an early age but grew up in the care of her mum and family members. There in Port Harcourt she started pursuing her music career until she went to Nigerian Idol, won and became a household name today.

Is Mercy Chinwo an Igbo Girl?

Now a lot of fans seems to be asking if Mercy Chinwo is an Igbo Girl by tribe or if she grew up in the east? People are curious to know due to the fact that she speaks Igbo language so fluently and for the fact that most of her songs are sang in Igbo. Well, from this article, you’ll discovered that Mercy Chinwo grew up in Port Harcourt. There are a lot of people living in Port Harcourt Nigeria that are Igbos too.

which tribe is mercy chinwo

What tribe is Mercy Chinwo?

Mercy has puzzled many fans with her ability to speak Igbo, Calabar and other Nigerian languages. Coupled with the fact that she grew up in Port Harcourt, fans are wondering, what tribe is Mercy Chinwo? Most people see her and and Igbo lady.

Report has it that miss Mercy grew up from a family of mix languages and that afforded her the ability to speak both Igbo and Calabar language. She is originally from Ikwere in Obi-Akpo Local Government Area of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

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Who is Mercy Chinwo husband?

For now, Mercy Nnenda Chinwo is still single and not married yet. As soon as we get valid information, will let you know.

What is Mercy Chinwo Net Worth?

Mercy Chinwo has an estimated networth of $100,000 – $200,000 approximately.


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