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Who is Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra?


Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is a 32-year-old anesthetist who works at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is also believed that the Brazilian anesthetist who is suspected of raping a lady while she was under anesthesia for a C-section according to a video footage, may have committed five other similar crimes.

In Rio de Janeiro on July 10, 32-year-old Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was detained after some curious nurses grew suspicious of his actions after two C-sections that day and secretly videotaped him during a third, during which they reportedly captured him abusing his patient.

As of the time of writing this article, at least six women have confessed against him abusing them, according to the police, who were already looking into whether the initial two patients were attacked.

Dr. Bezerra made his first appearance in court on Tuesday, where a judge commanded him to spend the duration of the investigation in solitary prison.


He was imprisoned at Bangu, Brazil’s largest prison complex west of Rio, the home to some of the most violent and dangerous inmates in the nation. When he arrived there last night, inmates booed and banged on cell bars.

Also, it was made discovered that Bezerra is a defendant in a medical malpractice case that dates back to 2018, when he was not yet licensed as an anesthetist and employed by a separate hospital. Bezerra and a different medical professional are accused of misdiagnosing a female patient’s case of swine flu as a urinary tract infection, sending her into a 23-day coma.


The woman lost her big toe, suffered serious Achillies tendon damage, and experienced significant hair loss while in the coma. The patient was diagnosed with a UTI and given antibiotics after presenting to the hospital with “delusions, chills, difficulties breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and dizziness,” according to the Globo newspaper.

Her previous doctor apparently disregarded recommendations to check for more serious illnesses and released her, but she soon returned when her condition got worse. She then came under the care of Bezerra, who confirmed the initial diagnosis and attributed her symptoms to “anxiety,” noting that she was “physically fine.”

That’s in spite of the fact that the woman had excruciating migraines, back pain, was coughing up blood, and experienced excruciating lung pain, which prompted medical professionals to see a different expert. The patient was passed from doctor to doctor before a fourth one accurately identified acute pneumonia in her and found she had only 25% lung function.

The woman had difficulty moving, was numb, and had “disorientation in time and space” by this point owing to oxygen deprivation.In order to cure the blood clots that had decreased the blood supply to her body, she had to be put into a coma for 23 days.

Her Achilles tendon deteriorated to the point where it needed to be replaced later, she lost her right big toe, suffered injury to a nerve in her right knee, and all of these things happened while she was in the coma. She also lost some of her former memories, lost most of her hair, and developed muscular dystrophy from being unable to walk about.

Investigations into a claim of medical malpractice are just getting started. Bezerra and the other involved doctors have not offered a defense. Bezerra has subsequently attained anaesthetic status, passing the exam just in April of this year, and is now being accused of using his new position to commit at least one terrible rape of a pregnant woman and perhaps more.

Bezerra allegedly kept the patient who was having a C-section under heavy sedation until she was barely aware in the incident that led to his detention. ccordingg to specialists interviewed by Globo, such degrees of sedation are uncommon during normal surgeries and are typically only used on patients who are in distress or who would resist attempts to operate on them.

Bezerra is videod close to the woman’s head while the other members of the team, who were working only a few feet away, were unable to view her from the neck up when the surgeons began to deliver the baby.

After that, he is alleged to have verbally raped her for a period of ten minutes, threatening a nurse who confronting him.


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