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Why You Should Turn Off The Lights Before You Sleep


Many people simply prefer to leave the lights on while they are asleep. And some others view it as a way of being vigilant. Whatever your reason to leave the lights on while you are asleep is, you must understand that it has its adverse effects.

Why You Should Turn Off The Lights Before You Sleep
why you should turn off the light before you sleep

According to science, there is a link between sleeping with the lights on and some health challenges.
Sleeping with the lights on affects your ability to fall and stay asleep.
If you find it difficult to sleep or you wake up at intervals, it’s probably because of the lights you left on.

A doctor explained it thus: “Light actually turns off some of the parts in the brain that tell our body it’s daytime versus night time. So those signals are messed up in a way, because the circadian signal is weakened, and over time, that has implications for our health.”
Sleeping with lights on can lead to the following.

1. Depression

Blue lights from electronics like televisions, phones, laptops, etcetera affect sleep and negatively affect mood, leading to depression and irritation.



2. Obesity

Studies have proven that if you sleep less at night, you are more likely to eat more during the day. And as you know, you usually feel hungry when you’re awake at night. Some people even wake up to eat heavy foods like eba.

3. Chronic Illnesses

Sleeping with the lights on reduces the amount of sleep you can get and this increases your chances of having high blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension.
Ensure that you turn off the lights before you sleep tonight.


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