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Wisdom Macauley (Annie Idibia’s brother)


Wisdom Macauley, is one of Annie Macauley Idibia’s elder brothers. So much information is not know about him online but it seems the family has some scores to settle. He’s married with kids.

Annie Idibia of recent appears to be having abit of family controversies with her siblings.

Her elder, Wisdom Macauley, has taken to Instagram to call his famous sister out. Wisdom, who is married, said he works for Annie but she never pays him, instead, she only gives him paltry sums like “20K, 30K” and turned him into her “slave”.

He added that when she’s angry, she stops giving him anything at all. He also accused Annie of not granting his wishes whenever he begs her for things. There’s more to their family quarrel. Follow up the gist HERE



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