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Wizkid’s First Son Boluwatife Balogun, Bio, Age, Mother, Net Worth


Hello reader, here in this article we’ll be talking about Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife Balogun, his biography, age, school, career, instagram handle, family life and net worth. A lot of people don’t know that Wizkid’s son has grown up to become a celebrity on his own, not just being a celebrity’s son.

Boluwatife Balogun is the first son of Nigerian superstar Wizkid. He is an Instagram celebrity, Young intelligent son of his father.

How old is Boluwatife Balogun?

Boluwatife Balogun is 11years old(in 2022). He was born on the 13th of May, 2011. He is a talented young man just like his father. He is a Sportsman, Rapper and obviously an influencer.

Biography of Boluwatife Balogun

Full NameBoluwatife Balogun
Date of birth13 May 2011
State of originOgun State
MotherShola Ogulu
CareerSportsman, Rapper, influencer
Net Worth$1million
Siblings Balogun has two other younger brothers called Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Jr and Zion Ayo-Balogun.

Wizkid’s Son, Tife Balogun Shows off His Rap Game (Video)

The young Wizkid said it’s now more like a routine for him as he gets to always vibe to Lil Baby’s songs once he returns from school. Sharing the video clip, Tife wrote; “Hey Everyone 👋🏽 Here’s what I get up to after school hours 😎 I vibe to one of my favorite artists Lil baby 🤩 he a rockstar 🤟🏽 Rate my rap game over 10.

Even if mama says it’s 10 over 10 and I believe her 😉😅💙 drop comments below, I’ll be reading them💙 P.s: Lil baby once said, I be saving more than i be spending and that’s what I be on 🥶 my fav line lol ok bye 👋🏽”

Wizkid’s First Son, Boluwatife, Represents His School At An International Sport Competition In Dubai

Boluwatife Balogun, who is the first son of popular singer, Wizkid and Shola Ogudugu has taken his school globally as he jets out to represent his school in Dubai. There is no doubt that Bolu is growing up to be a champion like his dad. His mother, Shola, shared the good news on her social media page as she heaped praises on him.

Sharing photos of her at the airport, Shola bragged about how her son is making her proud.

She revealed that Bolu was representing his school at a sport competition tagged, the World School Games, in Dubai. For her, she is more than elated to support her baby.“

@official_tifebalogun is steady making mama proud as he goes on to represent his school at the @wsgevents in Dubai and I’m more than elated to go out there to SUPPORT my baby with a fellow mama supporting her baby too. Wish us LUCK”.


“Na for this dirty house Wizkid pikin dey stay?” – Fans reacts as wizkid’s son shares video of Himself Rapping

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to a video of Boluwatife Balogun spitting bars as he looks set to walk in his father’s musical shoes.

The young boy who is ten years old showed glimpses of becoming a rapper in the future and his cameo display on the mic has impressed some netizens and members of Wizkid FC-the generic name ascribed to fans of Wizkid.

However, some fans tilted the discourse to the location of the kid when he recorded the video of his rap dexterity. While some believed the short video clip took place at his mom Shola Ogudu’s place, others believe he did it when he was with his superstar father.

See reactions below:

ibukun_0609; See where wizkid pikin Dey stay?? Make I quietcynthia_baby23; See house

alexdiva1; Person wa get money his son just be like who them go say him daddy is pushing Abeg Oga try Dey look after this boy his talented Nd u never can tell he might be better than u tomorrow help him help his mum stop allowing people to insult them take correction Nd look at other celebrity kids

cherrys_glow1; Una favorite see houxtikay212; I don’t want to believe he lives there, he might be in a friends house and recorded that video… let’s even assume wizkid is not in his life, i don’t think his mother at this new age would have that type of TV on the wall…. people needs to chill

foreva_empire; Which house he Dey do this video? Hope he’s not staying in that houseofficialamyann; No this is grandma house who they hang such television the wallangelctp; Who confirmed that he’s Big Wiz kid ?? Looking at that background and looking at where Zion is living then do the maths. I don’t think our Big Wiz child will be living in a place like this with that telly he’s so happy to show off no attack pls

“3 Girls Are Fighting Over Boluwatife” –Between Wizkid’s First Baby Mama and Son’s Head Teacher

First baby mama of Wizkid, Shola Ogudu, took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter to share a conversation between herself and her son’s headteacher. In the conversation, the teacher lamented that Boluwatife, Wizkid’s first child is currently the crush of three girls in his school claiming he is their boyfriend.

The teacher further called on his mom to look into the matter as the issue has escalated into a serious one, and is presently the talk of the day for fellow students.She wrote:

“Conversation ensued; Head teacher: Good afternoon Bolu’s Mum

Me: Good afternoon Ma

HT: I would like to bring to your notice… Your Son Boluwatife has got not one but 3girls fighting over him… Saying he is their boyfriend…

Me:*clears throat* laughs gently

HT: this is serious, as the whole school won’t stop talking about it, I mean for me to call you..

Me: mutes call *ROTFLMFAO *unmutes call* I’m so sorry about this, I promise to talk to him

HT: please do, cos if it happens again, we’ll have to invite all parents for a meeting

ME: it won’t ma *hangs up*Whispers under my breath.. *The Leaf really and truly doesn’t fall too far away from the tree.”


Buhari Isn’t Who We Think He Is” – Wizkid’s Son.

The young music superstar, Boluwatife Balogun has said that Nigeria doesn’t have a government because President Buhari is not who people thinks he is. He said this when he went on an Instagram Live session with his mother, Shola Ogudu on his page, February 5th.

His mom expressed shock the moment he made mention of “Jubril” of Sundan who Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) alleged is impersonating President Buhari in Aso Rock.

Boluwatife, speaking further in the video, said he doesn’t care if people like him or not. He was reacting to those who said he loves showing off always.

The junior version of Wizkid also advised fans to be of good behavior and be respectful. Boluwatife also counseled people to stop pouring out their anger and depression on other people but they should rather express their emotions.

eee the full video below…


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