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Yasmeena Ali (Afghanistan’s top porn star ) Biography, Net Worth, Age, Relationship


Ali was born in Kabul in 1993. After so many years under the oppressive Taliban rule, she immigrated to the United Kingdom with her family in the early 2000s. According to reports from the Toronto Sun, Ali’s father was “granted asylum in the UK for providing British and US troops with translation services during fighting in the Middle East.”

But Ali herself didn’t find life in England any better, saying that she felt suffocated growing up within a strict Muslim household as a young girl.

Yasmeena Ali childhood

As a teenager, she ran away from home and tied the knot with Jewish photographer David Cohen. She renounced Islam, explored her sexual side and embarked on a kinky career as an adult actress.

In 2020, Yasmeena Ali was thrust into the headlines after her father and his cousin were arrested for an alleged plot to have her killed because she had “brought shame to the family” by being a porn actress.


Dad Mohammed Patman and cousin Darya Khan Safi were also said to be outraged that she married a Jew. It’s alleged that in August 2018, Patman flew to Slovakia and was “actively searching” for Ali. A hitman allegedly stated that he would kill the porn star for $70,000. Patman and Safi are now in the process of being extradited to Slovakia.

Yasmeena Ali Photo

Yasmeena Ali


She’s married to a Jewish photographer named David Cohen

Yasmeena Ali family crisis

Ali who is currently an atheist(someone who Denise the existence of God) told The Post; “I don’t have any contact with my family and they haven’t told me face-to-face how they feel about my career. “My parents always instilled fear in me – God, hell, punishments.

“After I renounced Islam, my father threatened to take my life for tarnishing Islam, the Afghan culture and the family’s honor. “At the end of the day, it is my life and I don’t care about people’s reactions to my career. I follow my heart and do whatever I want because it is my life, my body and right.”

In an interview with Tommie McDonald on his “I Hate Porn” podcast. The movie star slammed the Taliban, saying she believes its hypocritical members are secret porn lovers and in some cases, not-so-secret. A “considerable” cache of porn was found on the computers of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin.

She said; “I wouldn’t be surprised [if they watch porn]. “And yet, they restrict the rights of women and police their sexuality. “Sexually repressed societies are kind of obsessed. When you look at where most of the viewers come from. most of them are from Middle Eastern countries and India, for example.”

Ali opened up in the podcast that she felt oppressed in Afghanistan and “saw people being beaten up” for refusing to follow orders from the Taliban. She said there were frequent instances of “domestic violence” and added that gay men in Afghanistan are unable to acknowledge their true sexuality for fear of being killed.

Yasmeena Ali believes she is on the Taliban’s radar, but says they certainly aren’t the only Afghans who have a problem with her unorthodox occupation. Not only is Ali dubbed “Afghanistan’s top porn star,” she’s also been described as the country’s “only porn star,” which underscores the need for more sexual freedom, she said.

Yasmeena Ali

Ali told McDonald of Afghans; “They don’t want Afghanistan to be known for porn.”They think they own my body and what I can do with my body and I have no right to show it.”

In her interview with the “I Hate Porn” podcast, Ali admitted it took time to shed the feelings of shame she felt about her sexual desires. After fleeing from her family as a teen, Ali says she had to unlearn everything she knew, from the foods she typically ate to the way she dressed. Then came her sexual self-exploration. After months of practice, the porn star finally reached a climax, saying her first orgasm was “the trigger for a lot of things.”

She added; “I couldn’t masturbate. I couldn’t have an orgasm” My first orgasm helped me to relax and explore things. “Ali who is now exploring many new things, is seen in numerous threesome and girl-on-girl videos available on the internet. In one X-rated clip, Ali is seen performing a sex act on a so-called “grandpa.”

She said; “I’ve always been a rebellious person.”My instinct tells me to be against anything that tries to oppress me.”


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